St. Andrew’s Church-the one-dome temple, around the Church — a balustrade, which offers a picturesque view of Podil and the Dnieper.

City Beach Club-beach on the roof of the shopping center Ocean Plaza.

G13 — equipped video Studio for video shooting: 2 pavilions, two dressing rooms, two rooms, the kitchen bar.

Relax Park Verholy is located in Poltava. It offers a seasonal outdoor pool, children’s Playground, sun terrace, restaurant, free Wi-Fi and free private Parking.

Platforma Art factory-the largest creative space in Ukraine, located on the Left Bank of Kiev.

Art-Prichal in Kiev is a unique art platform with the ability to implement any project.

Business Center Toronto is the dominant architectural structure of a multifunctional complex located in the center of the Kyiv.

Expocenter of Ukraine-the Central area of the expocenter is the only architectural Palace complex in Ukraine and Europe, where are all the traditional architectural orders (Doric, ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, composite) and architectural styles: (Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman) and Romanesque, a monumental, Renaissance, classicism, Empire, Baroque, modernism, Neoclassicism, constructivism, eclecticism and others. All the main pavilions-palaces are recognized as monuments of national importance.

Vozdvizhenka-entering the territory of Vozdvizhenka, you can understand that you were in a completely different world. Colorful houses, tidy streets, the manicured lawns, beautiful flower beds and always a lot of people. For a short time, this place became one of the most popular for wedding and family photo shoots, and all because the atmosphere here is really fascinating.

Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress — the fortress in Kamianets-Podilskyi (Khmelnytskyi region of Ukraine). Known since the XIV century as part of defensive system of the city Kamenets, Podolsk former capital of the Principality of XIV–XV centuries, Podolsk province of the XV–XVIII century, and then Podolia (1793-1924 pp.). Is part of the National historical and architectural reserve «Kamenetz», which refers to the «Seven wonders of Ukraine».

Kiev reservoir is a place with incredible views, located just a few dozen km from Kiev.

Cinematheque-Kiev film Studio that produces scientific films and cartoons.

Victoria Film Studios – a huge production area, which is engaged in creation of films. This Studio is equipped with all necessary equipment, as well as various locations that are visible, even if not to enter the territory. There are «Prison», «Lake», «Field», «Village», «Old town» and others. The Studio itself looks like a famous Disney castle. To Meet visitors three-meter sculptures of Alien and Predator from the same movie.

Armenian Cathedral – a unique monument of Eastern culture in Europe. The perfect combination of architecture Armenian sanctuary, the Romanesque-Gothic style of Western Europe, and old Ukrainian Galician architecture.

Italian (or Venetian) courtyard (built in 1580) is a monument of Renaissance architecture, which is also called the Royal house.

The chapel of Boim family is a famous landmark of the late Renaissance, which has no analogues not only in Ukraine but in European architecture.

The monastery complex and the Church of the Bernardines (the Church and monastery of Bernardines) is a historical and architectural monument, which is located in Lviv. Architectural styles: Renaissance, mannerism, Baroque.

Lychakiv cemetery — historical and memorial Museum-preserve in Lviv in the historical area of Lychakiv, one of the oldest cemeteries of Ukraine.

Potocki Palace (Polish. Pałac Potockich) — a monument of architecture in Lviv, in the style of classicism.

Lviv theatre of Opera and Ballet named after S. Krushelnytska is a real work of art neo – Renaissance style.

Manufaktura-outlet center in the style of ancient towns of the Netherlands, which located only 25 kilometers from Kiev.

Medzhybizh fortress — a monument of fortification architecture of the XVI century, executed in the Renaissance style. Located in the village Medzhibozh, Khmelnitsky region.

Mezhyhirya Residence it is a national landscape Park, which is located in the village of Novi Petrivtsi, Kyiv region.

Ar-Rahma — first mosque in Kiev. Is part of the Islamic complex, which, besides the mosque Ar-Rahma includes a madrassah and a minaret.

The Museum of the Kiev fortress-buildings of the XIX century, in Kiev. Is the largest stone and earthen fortifications in Europe and the second largest in the world, he belongs to the West of the Russian line of fortifications fortification buildings.

Chernivtsi national University named after Yuriy Fedkovych is one of the oldest classical universities in Ukraine. The style of the buildings is eclectic with a dominant motif of Byzantine and Romanesque architecture.

St. Nicholas Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas in Kiev, used since 1980 as the House of organ and chamber music, one of the most beautiful buildings of the twentieth century — was built in the stylized Gothic forms with high pointed spires, differs slender proportions.

Vorontsov lighthouse is one of the sights of Odessa, which is called a visiting card of the city.

Odessa Philharmonic-the Building of the Odessa Philharmonic is recognized as a unique architectural and historical monument, which is designed in neo-Renaissance style.

Odessa catacombs — a great underground maze, located under Odessa and its surroundings.

The Odessa passage-a hotel and indoor shopping arcade, the monument of history and architecture of the late XIX — early XX century in Odessa. The architectural style of eclecticism.

Odessa sea port — a major trading port of international importance, is situated on the North-Western coast of the Black sea in the South-Western part of Odessa Bay.

Odessa film Studio — during its long history has created a large number of popular films, which have long been considered genuine masterpieces of cinema.

The Olympic NSC is a multipurpose sports facility in Kiev, the main arena of Ukraine and one of the largest stadiums in Europe.

Odessa national academic theatre of Opera and ballet is the oldest Opera house of Ukraine. Best theater in Odessa and Ukraine at the time of construction.

The total Park area is over 50 hectare. In the Park includes expositions of siege equipment, historical costumes and armor of the V–XIII centuries, musical instruments, Museum of medieval shipbuilding from the scientifically accurate reconstruction of the boat «Prince Vladimir» of IX–XI centuries.

Pirogovo Museum is the largest Museum in Ukraine. At the Museum you can see the old Ukrainian houses, wide fields, the shady trail, mills, pagan stone idols and ancient Orthodox churches.

Podolsko-Voskresenskiy bridge is two-tier structure, consisting of three bridges and flyovers that connect them.

Golden rose(synagogue) — SINAGOGA in the river, was built in 1852, reconstructed in 2000, in the style of classicism.

St. Nicholas Cathedral — Orthodox Church in Chernivtsi built in the 1930-ies, the monument of architecture of local value. Built in Romanian style neo-Romanesque.

Tarakanovskiy Fort – one of the most interesting places of Rivne region. Today, the fortress remained only ruins. But an incredible amount of legends that still surround the Fort, and mystical remnants of once beautiful buildings every year attracts more and more tourists.

Kyiv regional academic music and drama theatre named after P. K. Saksagansky regional academic music and drama theatre in the Bila Tserkva.

Khotyn fortress-a closed earthen rampart with wooden walls and fortifications.

The house of the gardener-is located in the southern part of the Park. This single household building, remaining in the “Alexandria” from the end of XVIII century. Now the building performs the function of the administrative building and it is a Museum Park.

Belotserkovsky building of art (Kyiv region)-a monument of architecture and urban planning.

Branicki Winter Palace — a monument of civil architecture in the town of Bila Tserkva. Located in the Central part of the city, the building is one of the brightest examples of Palace construction in Ukraine. The building is executed in style of strict classicism.

«Chinese bridge» architecture of the XVIII century in the Park «Alexandria»in Bila Tserkva. This name it received thanks to the gazebo on the bridge, the roof of which resembles the roofs of the Chinese pagodas. The construction of the bridge-pavilions occurred in the period of active development of the Park. The landscape accentuates the exotic look of the bridge, from which there are views of the upper lake waterfall and the lower lake.

Colonnade «Echo» is an original work of architecture in the classical style.

Picturesque recreation area in the town of Bila Tserkva.

Pavilion Rotunda is the first architectural building of the Park. The height of the pavilion is 10.5 m and a width of about 9 m. the shapes of the Rotunda emphasise the wide stone steps which lead to a small area.

The architectural composition of “Ruins»is one of the most original architectural structures of “Alexandria», which resembles a ruined castle. The construction is bunk. Inside the building are arranged an observation deck, which offers panoramic views of the Bathing pond to the North and Rosa in the South.

Choral (Central) synagogue, built in XIX century at the expense of the Jewish community of the city of Bila Tserkva. The building is designed in eclectic style.

The Transfiguration Cathedral, religious building in the city of Bila Tserkva that serves as the Cathedral of the diocese of Bila Tserkva. The temple was built in the classical style.